Thursday, July 10, 2008

Starting off the 3rd Innings

November 2006 to January 2007 - 1st Innings
January 2008 to April 2008 - 2nd Innings
July 2008 to GOD only knows - Hey, again back to blogging!

As you all know blogging is one of my passion since will be a pathetic life for me without blogging, but I dont know how could I manage to spend these days without blogging. This may be due to the heavy work load in my new office may be due to some personal problem anyways I am back...but Why? Should I continue my blogging ever as I left it twice...I think it should be Yes. I dont know what I am rambling now...but may be last 2 days are the happiest day of last few I have resolved the problems of my recent project..."Swift Messaging System using BizTalk server". Its just working now...this project gives me a lot of knowledge on server configuration and Sharepoint system. Also provides me a topic to discuss here i.e. "BizTalk Server and A4SWIFT Component of its". May be now onwards you could find some technical posts but dont be worry you will find some informative and Human Rights posts also here.

So, my friends please cheer me up for my 3rd Innings....!

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Friend said...

Loads of Congratulations and best wishes 4 ur BizTalk project,blog and future.Keep going...