Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An unique effort to make Sanskrit a popular language

Guess what's keeping jointly our hi-tech gadget Indian students at respective US universities, pursuing high studies? It's an online Sanskrit magazine. 'Vishvavani' - the magazine is written in Sanskrit and hosted by Indian students, alumni and faculty from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Maryland, Carnegie Mellon University, Caltech, Purdue. This magazine has been published under the banner of Campus Samskritam Network . This uniques magazine is consist of different sectons…it has a webzine called 'subhashitam' (wise saying), Sanskrit crossword puzzle etc. The editor duo of this magazine Sowmya Joisa and Avinash Varna demanded that Vishvavani is the only active online Sanskrit portal.

Blogging history depicts that Apoorvavani is the first online Sanskrit magazine but these days it is inactive.

This particular news remind me my Sanskrit classes in my Seventh and Eighth standards, when I was really bored with this language and had tried my best to get over from this.

Although Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages but the number of online publications is very less, so this effort by those people should deserve a Hats Off!


Antara said...

I've very bad experience with Sanskrit. When I studied the subject in the seventh standard, my marks could never exceed 25 out oh hundred :(


Anonymous said...


Samskrita-Bharati does not follow the school style. They do the workshops which make it very very enjoyable to learn to speak in just about 15 or 20 hours. No exams, just interactive workshops

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