Monday, March 10, 2008

Bullying at workspace may worse your career than sexual harassment

Bullying at the agency, comprising unfavorable behavior like belittling comments, relentless critique or withholding of resources, is obviously more harmful than intimate molestation, says an original survey. Both bullying and intimate molestation can produce unfavorable job environments and unsound consequences for employees, but the researchers establish that hostility had more serious consequences. Employees who experienced bullying, deficiency of politeness or interpersonal dispute were more possible to stop their jobs, have lower welfare, be less satisfied with their job and have less rewarding relations with their bosses than employees who were sexually harassed, the researchers establish.

The findings of the study were presented Saturday at the Seventh International Conference on Work, Stress and Health, co-sponsored by the American Psychological Association, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, and the Society for Occupational Health Psychology.

M. Sandy Hershcovis of University of Manitoba and Julian Barling of Queen's University, Ontario, who co-authored the study, reviewed 110 studies conducted over 21 years

'As sexual harassment becomes less acceptable in society, organisations may be more attuned to helping victims, who may therefore find it easier to cope,' said Hershcovis.


Somtirtha said...

Hi dreamer, bullying at workspace definitely worse one's career but I think sexual harassment is equally frustating and hostile as well.Sexual abusement not only worses career but also cripple one's psychological behaviors.Especially as a woman, I feel so...

Admilson said...

Good post. This is a serious problem at office. By the way do u face same kind of problem in the office? Let me know. I may solve the problem.

Antara said...

Why don't u sit back and relax?
I don't understand why you are bothered with others' problems.
Why r you worried about so many things?

Admilson said...

Abhijit can u let me know why those questions are unanswered. Please answer those questions and inform me as soon as possible.