Wednesday, December 13, 2006

One More Humiliation of Humanity...this time in India!!!

Dolly, who came from Bangladesh to work in a Mumbai bar, has visited Hong Kong, China, Dubai and Kenya to "service her clients" in just six months. She, like other former dance bar employees, is looking for a viable livelihood.

After leaving her native Kakulia village in Jessore district of Bangladesh, Dolly, 19, joined a bar in the north-western suburb of Dombivili for a monthly pay of Rs.4,000.

However, the bar owner asked her if she was willing to make a fortnight's trip to Hong Kong and mainland China. As the payment offer was 10 times her salary, she agreed. A series of stints in "body shops" followed where Indian girls are preferred to their Chinese counterparts.

Of course, Dolly is not the only one. According to a study by the Bharatiya Bar Girls Union, an association formed to protect the rights of dance bar girls, thousands of youngsters - mostly from poor north-eastern states and neighbouring Bangladesh and Nepal - are lured by Mumbai's lure of a better lifestyle.

In the aftermath of the closure of the dance bars in India's financial and entertainment capital, Mumbai has turned into a human-trafficking transit point.

Still do we believe we are civilized enough to be known as a Developed Nation? Our Human Rights Activists please light on this....please.

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