Monday, December 18, 2006

A Daughter Against Her Dad for the Sake of Humanity

One of the most talked about legal case of India "Jessica Lal Murder Case" came to an end. Delhi High Court announced conviction on that case and acquitted Manu Sharma (son of former Haryana Minister Venod Sharma) with 8 other people. The defense lawyer of this case was an eminent lawyer...Ram Jethmalani who denied to pass any comment after that but his daughter Rani Jethmalani stood against her Dad.

Rani Jethmalini said she was upset with her father's decision to defend Sharma. "It was exceedingly painful for me," I had always campaigned for women's rights and have been a human rights activist myself, Rani said.

"As a lawyer whatever my father might say he is not just a lawyer also happens to be a member of parliament and also happens to be a legislator and there is a great responsibility on legislators," she pointed out.

"When the system of justice is polluted, tampered and perverted it is time I think for lawyers to say that we will not take part in these kinds of cases," Rani said.

"The law does not prevent you from doing this and there is a higher moral code there is the constitutional law and also our constitutional duties in article 51 of the constitution so all these things would have prevented him to disobey or discard a rule of professional ethics," she said.

But Rani also described her father as a liberal man who would allow her to say what she wanted to say.

Some may describes it as Feminism or Mockery but I believe this level of guts should always be present in a person. This conviction once more proves that the initial stage of investigation was motivated by some influence.


AnandAmPm said...

hi, ur post is a real eye opener for the people of the current generation like me. I always follow one thing in my life - "If I believe I am right in saying something, I stick to my stand, and come what may one cannot prove me wrong" Cuz if u have the valid proofs, no one, even ur own parents can be made accountable for any of their mistakes."

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