Friday, February 22, 2008

Misguided youth

Bangalore police has been arrested an IT employee name Mohammed Yahya Kammakutty with the allegation of having connection with banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). The IT capital of India has been shocked by this news. Corps of Detectives (CoD) of Bangalore Police has arrested this 32 year electrical engineer who is also an ex-employee of General Electric (GE) Software.

Kammakutty is born and brought up in a village near Kozhikode in Kerala and he is living in B’lore for last 8 years. Although he was sacked from his last employer GE Software but still he lived in B’lore.

This news rises a serious question: do our young talent and resources are misleading to wrong path of life?! Citizen of Kolkata perhaps well aware of early ‘70s situation when thousands talented Bengali students were misguided to Naxal movement and lost their lives.


Somtirtha said...

shocking blog with burning issue of these days!!IT employee is connected to Movement.It apparently seems to be very phanatic case...4 sake of religion they might have done this...Under Osama Bin Laden,there are thousands of israel scientists who are working 2 accompany Osama's destructive acts coz they wants 2 serve GOD's command...Naxal movement was not related to religion...right?

Brandy said...

thanks for ur commment...but i am afraid to say ur not getting point.Naxal movement was not really connected to religion but it took lots of breeding talent of Bengal...the end result of Osama's "Jehad" and Naxal movement is same loss of youth.

Jennifer said...

You are right. The basic morale of people have deteriorated today..
There are several instances of this.

We must raise our voices against such social disasters.

Somtirtha said...

result is same everywhere...but origin is different. So, I think if we want t0 get rid of loss of youth then we are to dissect the cause of movement deeply...Its my can differ logically...

but can you tell me why are you brandy