Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Again the same old story of Indian communalism

This Christmas while we all were enjoying with our friends and family then some maniacs were vandalizing Churches and houses to fulfill their anger over Christians at Orissa. The tension began on Monday when some groups of Christians and Hindus fought over some issues. The rest story is I guess well known to us. Some places like Kandhamala district are under curfew. Many important roads and railway tracks are blocked by the mob and which incurred a loss of resources. I am not writing over the reason of this riot or not I am not really concerned with whom are involved in this creepy issues. I am worried about the humanity and the future generation of this nation. As I am a 20 something guy who loves to watch movie or cricket never minds to categorizing people by their cast. I can still remember the day when Robin Utthappa hit down the Pakistanis in T20 tournament all over the India were excited make his worship…did those fanatics who killed Muslims in Gujrat ever asked Zaheer Khan about his cast while he hauled Hayden and Ponting in MCG test today. The answer is very simple guys…its very easy to be a Hindu, Muslim or Christian but its not that easy to be an Human Being. This poisonous tree of communalism has been rooted in our mind and soul for years and this will be inherited in our next generation…if we don’t uproot it then peril of Indian civilization is not so far.

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